United Arts Coalition

Inspiring you to play, imagine, learn, and create.

Art Focused

We provide a wide array of creative tools and resources across all artistic mediums for youth to explore and use to stimulate their creativity.

Forward Thinking

We help youth discover, develop, and hone their creative abilities, which over time translate into valuable job skills that can inform future careers.

Community Center

Our goal is to establish an inclusive environment where youth and their families can gather to practice and showcase their talents with the community.

Technology Driven

We strive to provide the latest in software and technological tools that facilitate cutting edge graphic arts, programming, and film / photography techniques.

Our Story

UAC was founded on the premise that youth should have access to the tools and resources they need to unlock their creativity. Many of our organization’s founding members and directors can personally attest to the profound effect that encountering the arts as children or young adults had on their lives, later careers, and how it has positively shaped them as individuals. Unfortunately, around the world art programs in schools from elementary all the way up to the university level are being cut. We refuse to stand by and watch these invaluable programs be deemed superfluous. The arts are our culture. It is through the many artistic mediums that we tell our stories. At UAC, we’ve made it our mission to ensure that all youth have the opportunity to access the critical resources they need to discover, hone and express their creativity.